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Credit Card Processing

for Hemp / CBD Business Owners

CBD Merchant Services

throughout the United States
business preparing to charge credit card for purchase

Credit Card

Get away from the premium fees usually charged to CBD & Vape businesses. Work with a processor that understands the fluctuations of this emerging market. We will customize a program that fits the way you want to conduct business not the other way around. 

training two people to use the credit card machine

Industry Customized
Point of Sale Equipment

We pre-load your inventory, train you on site, and get you processing the same day in most cases.  We train owners and employees as needed.

shaking hands to finalize a bank loan

Bank & Loans

While traditional banks shy away from loans in this industry, through our experience and partnerships we pave the way to meet your banking needs by making introductions to our partners.

money saved on credit card processing fees goes into a piggy bank

Cash Discount & Pass the Fee

Disclose your cash discounts properly, and reduce your processing fees by 70-90% by giving your customers options to pay with cash, credit or crypto currency. 

accounting team at work

Accounting Services

Accounting, bookkeeping, Quickbooks, tax, and payroll

Serving the

American Hemp Market

We offer our services throughout the United States and are based in Virginia

Who We Serve

CBD, Smoke, & Vape Shop Owners

You have a lot of inventory to oversee. Time spent tracking down lost product means headache and lost profit. Our point of sale system keeps your retail and online transactions all in one place. Our partners also understand your business so your credit card processing won’t get shut down.

Hemp Farmers & Cannabis Wholesalers

Online processing can be a headache. Or worse, having your money held up for weeks or months! We’ve developed partnerships to keep your cash flowing. You can stop worrying about getting your money or having your account shut down.

Health & Wellness Professionals

Including hemp or cannabis oils and products in care for your patients can cause some credit card processors to shut down your service and hold up your funds. That’s why we’ve sought out processing partners that understand this industry and are here to help you keep growing your business.

High Reward, Not High Risk

Partner with an experienced and secure merchant services provider without the high-risk rates. We specialize exclusively in the Hemp & CBD market and are here to support your business.
Apply for our service to learn more about how we can help you!

Who We Are

With over 10 years of experience in credit-card processing and a deep understanding of the hemp / cbd market, we realized the need for business owners to have access to affordable, non-high-risk merchant services. Our goal is to empower business owners with the financial tools they need to be successful.

Why We’re Different

Not High Risk

Don’t risk it all! With our partner service provider, you can take advantage of low rates so you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work that you deserve.

Real Bank Loans When Needed

Growing a business or keeping it afloat can be financially stressful. We are here to assist you with a stress-free bank loan transaction. You just focus on what matters – your business.


You don’t have to shoulder it all. Just disclose your discounts and you can enjoy up to 70-90% reduction in the processing fee.